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Super heads can work wonders

As a school which has recently been inspected I have read with interest the recent comments in The TES on Ofsted and the response from Christine Gilbert - much of which, I am alarmed to find, I agree with ("We strive to do better, too", February 19).

I should like to offer a balanced view of how it was for us. We had a much more positive experience this time but I felt it was not so much to do with the new framework as the team of inspectors.

The process was rigorous but fair and the social deprivation context in which we work was taken into account. An ongoing dialogue throughout the inspection meant there were no surprises at the end.

There was a feeling that inspectors were looking for the positive aspects of our school instead of focusing on "issues" which they acknowledged were being addressed.

My only concern is that schools still seem to be at the mercy of who walks through the door. If they all approached the task with the same professionalism and empathy as the team which came to visit us, I am sure Ofsted would receive a better press.

Neil Hodgkins, Headteacher, Devonshire Primary School, Blackpool.

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