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Supply agencies' vital contribution

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY endorse Loraine De Simone's letter, defending supply agencies and the way they operate.

I have run a small agency for nearly five years and offer a 24-hour service to schools and teachers.

I know that my agency makes a valuable contribution in keeping local schools running smoothly, and I have had many headteachers express that to me directly.

They often contact me late at night after spending many hours trying to find a supply eacher.

Without our help in providing good quality supply teachers many pupils would need to be sent home. Multiply this nationwide and the education community should surely recognise our contribution.

I'm sure Loraine and myself are fed up with the negativity that seems to prevail and would welcome some support and recognition for all our hard work.

Sue Crampton

Connect Education Services

PO Box 220

Telford, Shropshire

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