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Supply teachers know pupil behaviour truth, says tsar

DfE behaviour tsar also highlights instances of 'bad governance'

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DfE behaviour tsar also highlights instances of 'bad governance'

Governors should talk to local supply teacher agencies to find out what behaviour in their school is really like, the government’s behaviour tsar has said.

Tom Bennett, who last year published an independent review about how school leaders can optimise behaviour, today told the Festival of Education that he had seen examples of “very poor governance”.

He said this included governors who do not visit their schools during their normal opening hours, or are led around the school and are only shown good classes.

Asked what governors should do about behaviour in their schools, Mr Bennett suggested that they should ensure that they see an honest picture of the institution.

He told the audience: “Go and see transitions. Go and see the start of the day and the end of the day. Go and see the NQTs. Go and see the supply teachers.

“Go to your local supply agency and ask them ‘what’s behaviour at my school like?’ I promise you, it will blister you.”

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