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Support for one-to-one reading

In "Signs of Recovery" (TES, April 18), Barrie Wade and Maggie Moore say that "it would be good to hear someone suggest funding for a study of the British experience of Reading Recovery" following the positive indications of their research in New Zealand and Australia.

How many more studies should be funded to prove the obvious?

Who disputes that a daily half an hour of one-to-one intensive help from an interested and supportive adult is what the majority of children need to learn to read?

Who disputes that a daily half an hour of one-to-one from an interested, supportive and specially trained adult is what the minority of children need?

In this age of super-technology, market forces, competition and family breakdown, these experiences are just not happening for many of our children today.

My vote would always go to the party whose policies would enable that one-to-one experience to happen for all children in schools across the land. We would then really be talking about recovery.

DIANA BAUR Headteacher Queen's Park School Oswestry Shropshire

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