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Supporting role

It is always encouraging to read a story that raises the profile of support staff in schools ("500,000 on pay warpath", TES, November 30). However, the piece omitted to mention that a new body is being set up to address support staff pay and conditions, where the "increasingly significant and powerful contribution that support staff are making every day" will be recognised and reflected fairly and openly across all schools.

Many schools have embraced the remodelling agenda and are training and deploying support staff well. Research shows that 90 per cent of support staff feel schools support their training and development needs, and two thirds of NQTs felt their training was good in preparing them to work with support staff.

The TDA's role is critical. We are starting to see the impact that a team of well-trained and developed support staff can have, and remain committed to supporting schools to achieve this.

Graham Holley, Chief Executive, Training and Development Agency for Schools, London.

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