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Supporting the voice of parents

The Scottish Parent Teacher Council is the umbrella body for PTAs. It has, I read (TESS, November 14), a development manager who spoke to the primary heads' conference. Let us not assume that her views were those of Scottish parents, any more than we would assume they are those of the teachers referred to in the title.

As a parent member of a school board, which is involved in the management of the school and willingly contributes to its development plan, as well as much else, I do not remember being asked for my views by the SPTC. Indeed, I am confused as to why the umbrella body for PTAs should be invited to speak at a heads' conference in preference to the statutory representatives of parents.

The Banks report suggests one national body representing parents; would it not make more sense to accept the reality that the Scottish School Boards Association is the voice of parents on matters of policy? At school level, boards and PTAs do not seem to suffer this confusion of roles; would not the SPTC better use its resources to support PTAs in their particular function?

J Vincent Waters

Carlibar Road, Barrhead

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