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BP Amoco

BP Educational Services is creating an educational site using material available on CD-Rom. Topics include climate change, making the grade (oil production) and driver awareness, a section produced with BMW which is suitable for PSHE curriculum at secondary level.

Face 2 Face With Finance

This site supports NatWest's schools programme in the teaching of personal money management and enterprise skills. It includes quizzes on personal money matters and updates on financial topics, such as European monetary union. It also includes lots of software downloads, among them a simulation of how you can manage your money during your first year at university.


This BT literacy project is linked to its sponsorship of the TalkZone in the Dome and focuses on improving young people's communications skills. BT aims to involve 3,500 schools and 1 million young people.

BT is also helping to teach schools how to create websites through a project called Fundango. It aims to create and host 2000 websites for a year. Pupils can pick up on the laest adventures of the cuddly extraterrestrial by logging on to ET e-mail at

BT's website will be completely redeveloped by September, and the company has a target to build an on-line club with 5,000 schools.

Tesco Schoolnet2000

Winner of the 1999 BETT award for best educational website, this is designed to provide teachers with curriculum materials and resources to encourage the use of ICT in education. The site is free and the resources have been developed and tested with practising teachers. The curriculum materials encourage pupils to investigate where we live, how we live, the world around us and what we want to be in pictures and words, and to post their findings on to the Schoolnet website. The website is shopwcased in the Tesco-sponsored Learning Zone at the Dome in Greenwich. The material covers numerous curriculum areas, including English, maths, science, geography and history. It is suitable for all ages in primary, secondary, post-16 and special schools across the UK. Schools can register to use the site online or by calling 0845 601 1423.

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