* What time is summer?

Summer, and what more appropriate subject than sundials? Sponsored by the British Sundial Society, this has everything you might wish to know and more. Think of the links: maths - the sun moves at 15* per hour; technology - the construction of a dial; history - follow the sundial trail across one of your local towns, the one in Cambridge is particularly rich; philosophy - the history of time. Don't forget the time on your watch will be 60 minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time as it has changed to British Summer Time.

* Photography and creative writing

In this online magazine, the linking of images with text - when done with taste - can enhance both. The real beauty and edgy quality of the images here are excellent for moving the mind from images into words. Most of the images are in black and white and the site itself is a lesson in good design. Take a look at the work of Misha Gordin (pictured) - the images are disturbing and display a coherent vision.

* Rosebud? This will sleigh you

Anyone seriously interested in film will benefit here. The glossary of terms is a delight as it gives visual examples. Want to see what an overhead shot is like? Look at the clip from The Third Man. Want to see great film-making? Look at the breakfast scene from Citizen Kane. This also looks at digital narrative. With the advent of DVD, increased bandwidth and other digital technologies, we must now look at new forms of digital art.


* Eyeball this view of the capital

For some reason the London Eye, apparently a symbol of regeneration and time, has not attracted criticism like the Dome. The Eye, at 135m, is the fourth-tallest structure in the capital and gives a 30-minute "flight" providing a unique perspective on some of the capital's most famous landmarks. British Airways looks at some of the thinking behind the construction and the technology used.


* Write yourself into the script

This enthusiastic site is useful in school as well as during the holidays. It is an archive of film scripts that you can download and use, like the modern version of the family gathering round the piano. Just texts and great fun. Why not take The Rocky Horror Show or Pleasantville or Ctizen Kane for a convivial evening of wine, garlic and a little script reading?

* Cast an eye all over the world

These are satellite photographs of the earth in great detail. The way it is arranged you can also see a conventional map of the area that you are seeing. A site like this will be invaluable to research a particular area. Most of the imagery here is of the US, but there is some UK material. The images come from the US Geologic Survey and the Russian Space Agency.

* Planning trips

This is a commercial site enabling you to search for attractions across the UK with keywords across region and curriculum area. The search is good and the best part is that it will reveal places that you might not have discovered. Don't just think of it for school trips, you can also use it to find places for the family to travel to.

* Copyright - or wrong?

Why not take a risk this summer? The program code here was written by the 18-year-old nephew of the founder. The Napster site has already proved controversial and is the subject of court action - a rap star is suing Harvard! Briefly, it is about sharing MP3 music files, and it asks you to open up your hard disk. Anyone can then come to your hard disk and copy the files. It claims that is the only part of the hard disk that is accessed. The music corporations are frightened. They can police websites but they cannot survey millions of hard disks for illegal copies of their songs. Worth seeing and thinking about. Use with caution.

* Short courses in digital photography

You might retort that digital photography is so easy that you don't need a course. Go to this website and think again. There is a great deal to learn and most of it is on the site. In addition, there is material about the best photo manipulation software.

* Trying to unblock the muse?

The pressure is off and you think that you would like to start something creative. You stare at the blank sheet, the blank screen and your mind goes blank too. This Australian magazine site is the place to come to kick start the brain or the imagination with reliable activities to break writer's block.

Jack Kenny

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