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Survival is issue, not spending

THE Secondary Headteachers Association thinks that any decision to pull out of the workload agreement would be a futile gesture (TES, July 25). Yet at the same time it states that schools would have to cut back on other spending if more money is not found.

Does it not realise that a significant number of schools have had to set deficit budgets or have balanced their budgets only with extreme difficulty? This has often meant job losses.

For many schools, it is not a question of spending resources either on workload reduction measures or on other vital priorities. They will be struggling to find any additional cash at all.

The Government must demonstrate unequivocally this autumn that it has allocated an extra pound;1.5 billion over the next two years for the benefit of all schools. This will simply repair the black hole in spending plans that was created by its own miscalculations.

Perhaps SHA would like to indicate what action it proposes to take if the actual funding outcome this autumn falls short.

I am pretty certain that heads, staffs and their governing bodies will expect a clear response if the next two years' funding does not make up for this year's settlement.

David Hart

General secretary

National Association of Head Teachers

1 Heath Square, Boltro Road

Haywards Heath, West Sussex

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