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Surviving the last few days of term before Christmas: what you need to know

Spread the festive cheer, carry on as usual or call in sick? Here are some of your top tips

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Spread the festive cheer, carry on as usual or call in sick? Here are some of your top tips

Congratulations, you have made it into the final stretch!

The end of the school play rehearsals, an ever-expanding supply of mince pies in the staff room, and the faintest sound of Santa’s sleigh bells approaching can only mean one thing: it is the final week before Christmas.

So, with the start of the holidays just around the corner, how should teachers cope with the final few lessons before the school bell rings for the last time?

We asked you for your top tips for surviving the run-up to Christmas at school. As ever, you did not disappoint. Here are some of the best replies.

For some people, the answer lies in embracing the festive cheer:


We have a secret Christmas elf each who performs random acts of kindness. Gives everyone a pick me up in the last few days. Mine left me this today

— Jojo (@Jojo68W) December 13, 2017





— Jojo (@Jojo68W) December 14, 2017




Well.... today we abandoned lesson plans and drew chrustmas pictures on the windows.... kids loved it and we had a ball.

— clare (@kinicain) December 14, 2017




Wear tinsel

— Helen (@Helenteacher123) December 13, 2017


For others, it is a time to reflect on those who are worse off:


Think about the Rohingya and the homeless then “surviving” the run up to Christmas at school seems a breeze. Possibly helps to appreciate our gifts as well?

— Reg carter (@regcarter1) December 14, 2017


If we all retweet this message once, it should create enough awareness not to let another person die on the street in the cold.
Please don’t keep me out in the fridge this Christmas
RIP Chris

— Ed Accura (@ed_accura) December 14, 2017

But not all people want anything to be different:




— Sharon (@shazzasteph) December 13, 2017



Keep calm and keep to a routine for part of the day(mornings especially). The children will be more settled.

— Bluebell ن (@blearigg) December 13, 2017


And one person had a response that we at Tes definitely could not endorse:


Phone in sick

— textucker (@earlylevel) December 13, 2017

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