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Sustainable horses in danger;Jotter

Department of Unusual Requests, Part II: an enterprising inquiry has found its way to us from the heart of the metropolis. Kensington, to be precise.

Zoe Bremer is preparing a bid to produce a Safe Routes to Schools newsletter for Sustrans (Sustainable Transport), the charity which designs and builds traffic free routes for cyclists and walkers.

Ms Bremer is not convinced she has as much information as she needs, however, and is anxious to find out how many children in Scotland ride to school on horseback. She worries that horses might be banned from some cycle paths and wants bridle roads kept clear.

We ourselves know of no cases where pupils go cantering to school. But we stand ready to be corrected. If so, we presume the normal school transport rules apply - the horses are not subsidised beyond the statutory limits of two to three miles, the kids are strapped in and the modes of travel comply with the safety regulations. In this case that means well rested, well fed and with small weak teeth.

Meanwhile we will be happy to pass on Ms Bremer's address and fax number to education authorities who may wish to tell her the most appropriate use she can make of her inquiry.

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