Sweet FE

A weekly trek through the jargon jungle


Is it that time again? Dust down your anorak and prepare to stand by a brazier.


Last hope for defeated idealists. Nice to meet people who have at least heard of Steeleye Span.

Action-centred leadership

Your principal discovers downsizing.

Action plan

Another Government initiative, another set of ring binders, another action plan.

Action planning

Explaining to your students that they may be required to do some work.

Adult Learners' Week

Nobody knows the coffee mornings you've seen.

Adult participation

Having to explain that, sadly, it isn't going to be quite like Educating Rita.


Written in stone in the college mission statement. The most ecstatic utterances since Moses found himself on Mount Sinai, but more tautologous.

Agreement, Silver Book

From the days when colleges were peopled with Oscar Wildes doing a bit of light teaching - allegedly.

Agreements, learning pathways

Just in case the students think that they're coming to a holiday camp with poor catering for two years.

ALF (average level of funding) More Portakabins

Appeals procedure

They were under the impression that they were coming to a holiday camp for two years.


Not you - unless National Car Parks will buy you.

Malcolm Burgess

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