Sweet FE

Early retirement

Try not to break down at your leaving party.

Economic strategy, local Remember that ring binder?

Economy cuts Half a Portakabin?

Education Lest we forget.

Efficiency gains Taking on someone else's job as well as your own. Same salary.

Elasticity of demand What goes up must come down.

Education Lecturing Services We have ways of injecting adrenalin into your teaching.

Employability Ex-lecturer ponders: "Is it too late for aromatherapy training?" Employers The lack of a highly-skilled resourceful UKworkforce is not their fault. It's yours.

Entrepreneurial skills With the forecast 1998 budgets, you'll need to run a tight jumble sale.

Enterprise units Person formerly known as the principal's secretary making a few phone calls on the off-chance. Now more likely to be the name of your re-christened sector.

Entitlement What makes you think that means you?

Equitable funding Level playing fields of Eton, sort of.

European funding There's gold in them thar hills.

Expanding Once bitten, twice shy.

Extra provision Portakabins to you.

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