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Sweet FE


Helena Kennedy and Margaret Hodge, currently up there with the Teletubbies' Tinky Winky.


We're disgusted with these colleges unfairly offering mobile phones to attract students. Why didn't we think of it first?


Look back in anger.

Individualised contract:

Very individualised - in fact, no one's ever seen anything like them.

Individual learners:

There will usually be one or two in your classes if you're very lucky.

Individual learning accounts:

Lifelong learning sounds impressive, but what happens if most people want to do Christmas decoration-making?


Careful if you're coming on like a cross between Sir Laurence Olivier and Ricki Lake - students might think it's their entitlement.

Industrial action:

When higher productivity level leads to increased income generation but not, alas, for you.


Car boot sale or nearly-new event?


Of course you're not doing anything special to impress them; but do call the girl at reception your Customer Care Interface, check your part-timers can operate the video recorder, and keep your students awake for their quality learning experience.

Inspector's report:

The bottom line is "a mixture of strengths and weaknesses".

Internal verification:


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