Swimming lessons for kids

It it disturbing that Trevor Hart ("Not exactly in the swim", TES, September 15) thinks swimming is not an essential life skill.

However, I must compliment him on his research into drowning statistics and how quick he was to correct Jon Slater (TES, September 1), who stated that 50 children drowned in 2002 when it was, according to Mr Hart, only 40! Be it 40 or 50, as far as I am concerned it is far too many, and if my calculations are correct, and going by Mr Hart's research, 23 pupils of school age drowned last year. Do we sit back, as Mr Hart suggests, and accept this as a part of the norm or do we ensure that all children of school age are given the opportunity to swim?

John Holden

Regional organiser of the Swimming Teachers' Association, East Anglia

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