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Switched on channel

If Teachers' TV, the government-funded pilot channel, is to succeed it will have to win over ordinary teachers, many of whom are cynical or suspicious about ministers' real motives. Such doubts have been amply aired on The TES website, where one sceptic predicted only people with nothing better to do would watch. "The average teacher will be too busy to bother." A more open-minded colleague wondered: "Are we talking serious and inspirational, or sensationalist and degrading?"

Our own focus group teachers (page 6) were pleasantly surprised by the first sample programmes this week. An inspiring primary science lesson, integrating the topic "pushing and pulling" with language development and the environment, showed how successful programmes can be made that will appeal to teachers.

To borrow from the fledgling channel's resource review rating system, we award a provisional gold star for effort. Will enough teachers switch on? See me later.

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