The system must provide

BBC Scotland reports that Scots teachers are "forking out" to buy their own classroom resources. Some teachers - and, indeed, pupils - have always bought materials such as textbooks and jotters and some probably always will, but that does not make it right.

It's not something that Voice would advise its members to do. The education system should be properly funded and have the appropriate resources available.

We are concerned about reports of budget cuts and teachers feeling that they need to spend their own money so that pupils don't miss out.

Ideally, schools should have policies in place so that teachers know that if they occasionally buy something for their pupils to use in class and produce the receipts, they will be reimbursed. There need to be clear guidelines in place.

Voice would advise its members not to buy items unless they know that they will be recompensed. If teachers buy materials and aren't reimbursed, those items remain their property.

Maureen Laing, senior professional officer (Scotland), Voice, Edinburgh.

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