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T-word Tories;Jotter

The Scottish Tories' education spokesman Brian Monteith is not in the PR trade for nothing. Even in the douce surroundings of its Perth conference he treated his audience to a couple of visual aids to condemn the Education Minister's "carrot and stick" approach - to wit, a virtually invisible carrot and a very large stick.

Monteith also showed himself to be the equal of his PR and political mentor, Sir Michael Forsyth, the man who coined the "tartan tax". Monteith's sights were trained on tuition fee charges, or "Tony's treacherous tax".

No doubt if you are a Tory delegate attending a party conference in Dewar's Ice Rink in Perth, you must be seen to distance yourself. Hopefully the faithful gave a particular body swerve to the thoroughfare across the road - Blair Street.

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