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Take the biscuit

Fancy some biscuits for your staffroom, department or school office? Answer our quiz (think biscuit for one of the answers) and you could win two tins of organic Duchy Originals.

1. Which French artist said: "Everyone has a talent at 25. The difficult thing is to have it at 50"?

2. In the US, zwiebacks are rusk biscuits often given to teething babies. What does their name mean?

3. Cumberland and Westmoreland, Kushti, and Yagli are three forms of what?

4. Who abolished Christmas pudding in England?

5. Which famous philosopher had a successful one-armed pianist brother?

Answers in next week's Going Out column.

November 29 answers: 1. Bing Crosby; 2. Wild rice; 3. Johan Cruyff; 4. A matzo; 5. In the asteroid belt.

For Take the Biscuit email: by December 11. Teaching materials about organic food and farming - and the answer to one quiz question - are at

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