Take care of a pet for life

Stories of neglect and cruelty to animals are all too common. Many kittens and puppies, as well as caged smaller mammals and birds, suffer needlessly because the buyer doesn't realise the care and costs involved in looking after it.

Pedigree Petfoods Education Centre is a non profit-making organisation which has devoted 25 years to the production of curriculum materials regarding responsible pet ownership.

It has produced the Pet Pack, available in two levels for primary and secondary schools, a fully photocopiable, cross-curricular resource which combines information about dogs and cats, from history and anatomy, through to their care and training.

Teacher's notes are included as well as large, colourful posters and "Fun and Games" activities. The children's sheets are full of information, in a simple format to help with basic understanding.

The pack aims to encourage children to take more of an interest in their pets, to broaden their knowledge about animals' needs and to instill a sense of responsibility.

The Pet Pack is available from Pedigree Petfoods Education Centre, PO Box 77, Freepost, Swadlincote, Derbyshire DE11 7BR. Price: Pounds 4.95 each.

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