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Take cash formula into account

From Roy Pryke

I am an admirer of Tony Travers' skill in analysing education funding ( TES, December 6). Can I ask him then to refine his thinking a little more? He may then change his assessment that school funding for next year should be about sufficient.

One factor he has not taken into account is the impact of the common funding formula this year. In Kent, it looks as though half of the extra 3.6 per cent for education will go to grant-maintained secondary schools where less than one-third of pupils are educated. Even if Kent County Council puts the 3.6 per cent into school budgets, despite the 10 per cent cuts affecting all other services and education services such as education psychology, education welfare, youth service, adult education, financial and personal advice to schools, Kent schools will have a cut of more than 3 per cent. I am sure that the position will be similar in other parts of the country.

I would welcome another of Tony's articles analysing and commenting upon the impact of the CFF and also taking into account what is really happening in local education authorities which we must remember are part of councils which have responsibility for other hard-pressed services vital to the local community.

ROY PRYKE Director of Education Services, Kent County Council.

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