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Take five: make time for a breather

At Trescott junior and infant school in Birmingham, Julie Edwards, Fiona Silvester and Suzanne Cadman all have their own strategies to get through the day.

"I always get in early - seven o'clockI I get up at half past five," says Suzanne.

The other two shudder, but Fiona gets in at eight to ensure that she has time for a couple of cups of coffee and some quiet worktime before her classes. Julie works in the evening.

"I have two children of my own," she says. "I get them sorted then start on the school work.

All agree that a vital part of the day is some time to themselves, even if it is only a few minutes.

"It may be a very quick lunch break," says Julie. "But that time away from the children, time for yourselfI It's giving your brain a rest from the pressure of teaching."

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