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Take a gander at this mess

School pitches have already been deluged with snow and rain this year, but there's one thing they hadn't banked on: a blanket bombing of bird droppings.

Wet weather contingency plans went out of the window when Perton First School in Wolverhampton played unwilling hosts to a flock of Canadian Geese from a nearby lake.

The offenders glided in and smeared the playing field with putrid green excrement that made the pitch too slippery to play on.

Whistle-blowing and clapping did nothing to remove the geese and eventually Perton's football team was forced to cancel an upcoming match. Instead, it summoned a man, a hawk and a dog to keep the geese off the pitch.

Pest controller Graham Rees uses Kai the dog and Ernie the hawk to scare the geese, who think they're being hunted and take flight.

The problem has been made worse by people feeding the geese. Football teacher Mrs Hopkins tried to scare them off with her whistle, but it didn't work.

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