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Take heart from history and boycott

I am head of a 140-pupil school, so each child represents a significant percentage of the total score. I have just taken in four Year 6 children - all of whom will not achieve level 4. This has knocked 16 per cent off whatever Year 6 results we were going to get. In addition, another six children were admitted at the end of Year 4 and in the middle of Year 5, most of whom will not get level 4. Those we admitted in Year 3 are going to get the levels predicted because we have had them long enough to make an impact. We also lose level 4 children to other schools on a regular basis.

In such circumstances, how is Sats a measure of my school, my teachers and our team? What it is, is a measure of several other schools, all of whom may have failed these children - but the buck stops with us. So to those teachers who say they are not going to boycott Sats - stop being selfish and support the profession as a whole ("Sats boycott splits profession", April 2). By supporting the boycott, you are giving the Government the message that we need a fairer way of measuring performance.

Tracey Roberts, Headteacher, Littlecoates Primary, Grimsby.

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