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Take that step

When I today look back on the past year I can laugh and cry but mostly I just smile. It seems now like a faraway dream and not something I have done. It was a year of adventure in many ways and nothing one can imagine.

It was difficult to come home again and try to be "normal" but maybe I will never be "normal" again. The big question now is if I want to. It is like standing on the edge of something unknown, just like it was one year ago when I was sitting on the pier in Bergen looking out at the sea and waiting for the ferry that would take me to the Shetland Islands. I am now at the same point as I was one year ago but now it is not a big sea in front of me but my future, and that feels more scary.

One thing Learning School did for me is open doors in my mind, and I now believe I can do anything. The question we all have to ask ourselves is, are we brave enough to jump into the unknown... or would we rather stay on safe ground? One last word is, jump! It is only you who are holding yourself back.


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