Taking ad liberties

INCREASINGLY dramatic adverts for teachers have been placed by Westlands school in Sittingbourne, Kent.

First it attempted to entice staff with the eye-catching question "What salary do you want?". This only attracted a handful of applicants, so the school tried a bit of reverse psychology with: "Don't bother to look at this" adding "unless you want to negotiate your initial salary, be offered a recruitment point and receive a pound;500 welcome back bonus"!

Westlands headteacher Alan Burchett insists that the adverts are not a sign of desperation. The school merely wants to expand its staff as part of its drive to achieve specialist status.

So what to make of the latest? Potential maths and science teachers are asked "Do you want to earn pound;50,000 a year?"

Unfortunately the tempting question is followed, in smaller writing, with the words "only kidding". But full marks for effort.

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