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Taking music

An international showcase and conference focusing on music for young people, whether as burgeoning professional performers or in schools and community outreach programmes, will be held at the City Halls in Glasgow on November 8-10.

The Music and the New Musicians conference will explore creative ways to reach young musicians and listeners and debate new techniques and ways people engage with music on many levels.

Lectures, debates, seminars and informal forums will offer chances to exchange ideas with a range of practitioners involved in music for young people. There will also be showcase events on education initiatives started by various ensembles, including the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, the Scottish Ensemble and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

The directors of the conference, Stephen Deazley and Paul Rissmann, both work in Scottish schools. The keynote speaker is Eric Booth, founding director of the Teacher Center of the Leonard Bernstein Center of Learning in Gettysberg, USA.


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