Talk up problems in AS languages

READERS should be aware of a potential problem with the new AQA AS-level in modern languages.

In module 2, two of the three topics changed at the start of July. This comes as a surprise, as we had expected only one would be altered.

What is worse, the board have stated that they have no intention to provide re-sit questions for the 20012 topics. Could this become the first modular examination requiring 66 per cent new material in the re-sit?

What does the one-year candidate do, who wishes to re-sit in 20023? Are they to study the two new topics on their own? More likely, they simply will not bother.

And the normal A2 candidates will have to study two extra topics at the same time as they are producing two coursework essays in just two terms.

Surely it must be possible for the board to provide two sets of questions so that the modern languages candidates might re-sit the same syllabus content, as is the situation in other subjects.

Andrew Peel

9 Calverley Lane Horsforth


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