Talking maths

Keith Jones's lecture will be one of several maths presentations at next week's conference. The others are July 13 11am.

Why we need Maths Year 2000 in School and Community.

Peter Moody, national co-ordinator, Mathemateg 2000 Cymru.

Many adults lack confidence when it comes to doing maths. This session looks at how Maths Year 2000 can take some of the fear and dullness out of the subject.


Maths 2000 - Key Skills KS3-4

Mike Jones, Education Support and Inspection Service

This session will discuss how the common requirements of the maths national curriculum can be integrated within the programmes of study at key stages 3 and 4. Practical examples will be offered.


Maths 2000 - ey skills KS1-2

Mike Jones, Education Support and Inspection Service

As above but focusing on primary maths.

July 14 noon

Play and early mathematics Pat Burrage, Pre-school Playgroups Association

How a play-based curriculum can offer young children a wide range of exciting mathematical experiences leading to real understanding of concepts. The session will consider children's self-directed play and the best methods for assessing their mathematical learning.


Interactive Maths Teaching for the New Curriculum KS1-2

Bob Sawyer, National Primary Trust

An exploration of interactive teaching techniques that will include discussion of the characteristics of effective teachers.

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