Talking points

David Henderson reports from the NASUWT conference at Seamill on growing classroom disquiet over indiscipline

* The 5-14 curriculum will be even more undeliverable when primary teachers' contact time is cut to 22.5 hours under the McCrone agreement, Roy Robertson, Clackmannanshire, said.

Delegates unanimously backed a vastly slimmed down primary curriculum with a back to basics focus. A class of 33, with three assessments a year, would involve 1,980 assessments a year.

* Guidance in secondaries will be in deep trouble without an immediate review by the Scottish Executive, delegates agreed. Rosemary Smeall said plans in West Lothian would make every teacher a learning mentor for 20 pupils by August next year.

"Would you be ready to undertake the guidance entitlement - do guidance reports, referrals to specialist agencies, references, UCAS forms and whatever pupils require, and deal with their parents?" she asked.

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