On target at Smithycroft

I REFER to Neil Munro's piece (TESS, November 20) on the concerns raised by Glasgow City Council with regard to the uphill task which many of the authority's schools have to undertake to meet the S4 attainment targets set by the Government. Smithycroft was one of the schools singled out on the basis of its performance in 1995-97 as being in a particularly difficult situation.

It would be unfortunate and, in the case of Smithycroft, very unfair, if this initiative resulted in schools being labelled - "named and shamed".

Contrary to your implied gloomy prognosis, when the 1998 results are taken into account Smithycroft is doing rather well. In English and maths (S grade 1-6), we are only 4 per cent and 3 per cent respectively off target.

For five S grades 1-6, we are 7 per cent above the target and in five S grades 1-4 we are 10 per cent above. Finally in five S grades 1-2 we are 2 per cent above our target.

Obviously this progress has to continue since the target is based on average performance 1999-2001. However, I would be doing a disservice to the pupils and my colleagues if I did not draw these matters to your attention.

David Cumming Headteacher Smithycroft Secondary School, Glasgow

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