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Tate on Britain twice

David Gilborn is surely right in characterising Nick Tate's view of Britishness as an example of new racism (TES, June 27). If Tate seriously thinks that "we are all - I repeat, all - part of a common national project" he should try telling that to the disproportionate numbers of able black boys who are excluded from primary and secondary school in England.

JOHN BIRD (University head of sociology) 21 Southfield Road, Bristol Nick Tate is reported as arguing that "Britain is unique in having . . . formal exams at both 16 and 18" (TES, June 27).

I can think of several other countries where this is the case, including Singapore both where O-level and A-level exams are used.

GEORGE BETHELL Cambridge Assessment and Development in Education 17 Orchard Avenue Cambridge

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