Tattoo, sonny? Not if Sir has one

David Beckham has several, and so has Anna Kournikova. Tattoos and piercings - body art - are painfully cool among celebs, and hence for teenagers as well. But all that may be about to end.

For it turns out that teachers - yes, teachers - are more likely than soldiers and sailors to have tattoos, leading to hot debate among TES online staffroom users as to the etiquette of displaying them at work.

(Keep quiet about that butterfly on your bum, we would advise.) Not only could this fact launch a thousand interesting bits of research about which parts teachers prefer to pierce or paint, but we think this trend is likely to delight the parents of adolescents.

For what self-respecting teenager is going to want a pierced eyebrow if Mr Dull the maths teacher has one?

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