Teach First head is on a sound footing

Kevin Morris

Your front page article, "Teach First graduate, 29, to head academy" (TES, October 10), like many articles in your newspaper and in other publications, gives an inaccurate account of the Teach First programme.

Since it began in 2003, participants have not received just "six weeks training", as popular misconception has it. The initial six-week induction, which includes experience of two contrasting secondaries, is further developed by ongoing training and support from experienced university tutors and a large and extensive team at Canary Wharf that organises workshops, leadership training and support from business and industry.

Participants receive a further six subject training days delivered by their regional higher education training provider and attend an annual conference with leading professionals, with workshops and networking opportunities that allow for development of professional practice that is unique to Teach First.

Whatever one's view of Max Haimendorf, it is clear that Teach First is much more than a six-week experience, and one that is recognised by all external evaluations, including heads.

Kevin Morris, Deputy director for professional development, Middlesex University.

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Kevin Morris

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