Tomatoes, teeth and hamsters: 13 strange teacher gifts

Teacher gifts from pupils are a nice little perk of the job...even if sometimes they are a little bit odd

Joshua Lowe

Strangest teacher gifts: One teacher was given a beef tomato by a pupil

Nobody goes into teaching with the goal of getting gifts, but it is a nice perk. And while the occasional box of chocolates or bottle of wine is appreciated, this teacher got something slightly more unusual.

Specifically a beef tomato.

The strangest gifts from pupils to teachers

Adrian Bethune went on to ask his Twitter followers and those using the #edutwitter hashtag “What's the strangest gift a pupil has ever given you?” 

We’ve put together some of our favourite responses here:

1. The tweet that started it all: Beef tomato 


2. A hamster


3. Stolen flowers 


4. A tooth 


5. A pink ukulele 


6. Bondage perfume 


7. An only-licked-once lollypop

8. A thoughtful egg

9. A dead pheasant 

10. A large saucepan 

11. Stolen ornaments 

12. Four-day-old lasagne

13. A tray of kebab meat 

Have you ever received anything equally as odd? Let us know below or via Twitter at @tes.

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Joshua Lowe

Joshua Lowe

Joshua Lowe is a social media journalist at Tes. He tweets @josh_lowe

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