As a teacher, have you, or would you put a picture of yourself on a dating website?

Comedian: If the site was respectable and you had to pay - yes.

Island_girl: No I wouldn't. I've got a Myspace account which I will delete before I start my postgraduate certificate in education.

Clawdia: Why shouldn't teachers put normal face pics up on a paying dating site? That's like saying should teachers be allowed to post their wedding pics in the local newspaper?

Is it a mark of how much a teacher cares if they go into school on results day?

Celticqueen: Twenty years ago, none of my teachers was there and I didn't expect them to be. Times have changed. My teachers were teachers, not babysitters.

Midnitehour: Did the best I could to set kids up for their exams - it's down to them now!

Eva_Smith: I love going, partly because I have to know how my class got on.

Did the kid with the really good coursework, but poor exam technique manage to scrape that C they were desperate for?

The above comments are all personal opinions

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