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Teacher qualifications no longer appropriate

I READ with interest the letter by the teacher trainers (TESS, December 22) regarding the comments made by John Mulgrew (TESS, December 8). It is interesting to hear the lecturers defend themselves against "an unsubstantiated slur" - interesting in that this is what schoolteachers have to put up with on a weekly basis.

Apparently the criticism was unfair because Mr Mulgrew did not meet with the teacher trainers to discuss the content or quality of their courses.

May I suggest that Mr ulgrew actually took a different tack to his research - he asked some teachers who had been through the courses.

The fact is that Jordanhill and other such institutions are held up to ridicule by most teachers, and a shake-up is long overdue.

It is perhaps the only part of the otherwise scandalous McCrone report which should be implemented - that teacher trainers should return to the classroom and spend time in contact with the job they prepare us.

M Hill


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