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Puzzle it out with ICT I created this ICT-centred activity to allow Year 7 students to act as experts in a subject of their choice. I asked them to do research on 10-15 key words related to any topic they studied. Their task was to create a crossword challenge on their chosen topic and provide hints and solution.

The puzzles were created on tables with 16 columns and 11 rows, using a wordprocessor. Below is part of one they made for the topic "Energy". They developed these ICT skills: insert, move, cut and paste text; apply font formats; create and format tables; modify table borders and shading; and modify table structure. I asked them to provide reasonable hints for their puzzles, which involved using internet research engines and refining their results. One group used online encyclopedias. I told them it was essential to give clear definitions for each word, and I checked these myself. I also explained that spelling had to be accurate!

Romeu Barros, teacher, Quintin Kynaston School, Westminster

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