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Teachers are worth it too

The 100k head is an exotic bird now, but the rise of business-backed city academies means they could be as common as sparrows within the decade.

There is no question - to paraphrase the shampoo ads - that many heads are worth it. But the irony is that every extra pound trousered by heads is a pound less for them to spend on their schools. Governing bodies, with a limited pot of public money to disburse, will object to market-led pay hikes for heads, as indeed will some self-sacrificing heads.

The current emphasis on heads and leadership also risks overlooking teachers, the people who actually improve results but too rarely get the glory. Classroom union leader Mary Bousted is right to worry about the Westminster Government's growing tendency to consult heads rather than teachers on possible changes. Policymakers (in Cardiff as well as London) please note: teachers are worth it too.

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