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Teachers to grade parents under proposed Mississippi law

Bill approved to allow teachers to grade parents on their involvement

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Teachers could soon be required to grade parents for their involvement in their child’s education if a new law is passed in Mississippi.

A bill has been approved by the state’s house, which, if passed, will see teachers  giving parents a mark on their child’s report card, grading their involvement in their offspring's schooling.

The Parental Involvement and Accountability Act will usher in new rules for teachers working in underperforming schools that will require them to grade parents across several categories, such as responsiveness to communication with teachers, student’s completion of homework as well as lateness and absences.

Parents will be given marks, such as “unsatisfactory,” “needs improvement” or “satisfactory” by teachers.

The controversial bill will also demand daily homework be set and will introduce a dress code for teachers.

The legislation was proposed by Rep. Gregory Holloway, Sr, who said a common theme among high-performing school districts across the US was high parental involvement.

“It’s about parental involvement and accountability,” Mr Holloway told the Jackson Free Press and Hechinger Report. “There are forms children come home with, and if the parent never checks the backpack to see if there are forms, to see if they have homework to do, see if they’re physically, mentally [and] socially prepared each day to go to school to learn—we’re trying to put teachers and parents together to find out problems.”

“There’s nothing punitive about it,” Holloway added. “It’s just a wake-up call for parents, just to say, hey, you need to do better.”

If the bill is passed, the new laws could be in place by the start of the next academic year. 

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