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Teachers have right to fair hearing

The South Wales headteacher who penned the diatribe "Prepare to be paralysed by the licensing law" (TES Cymru, July 24) would have us believe that they subscribe to beliefs that are honest and decent. I don't think so.

As a union representative of many years' experience, I have met the like of this headteacher on too many occasions in the past. It's the use of phrases such as: "Have you ever tried to sack a teacher?" and "It was bang to rights" that give the game away.

Are these the words of a caring and compassionate head? Where is the duty of care towards the teacher in these comments? Where is the realisation that this teacher has a human right to a fair hearing?

I do not know which trade union is supporting the teacher this head is targetting, but I applaud their stance as it appears to me that they are merely attempting to ensure that their member is treated fairly and justly rather than just being sacked.

Rex Phillips, Wales organiser, NASUWT.

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