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Teachers just want to get on with teaching

I respond to David Perks's letter "Stop blaming everyone else and get on with the job" (TES, April 18). I write as a parent-helper in my son's primary school. I would have been interested to ascertain from which perspective Mr Perks was writing. Is he a teacher? If so, we would all have been very keen to hear his methods of "making sure children behave".

If he is a parent, then I would guess that, like a lot of other parents, he feels his child's education is the sole business of the teachers. After all, that's what they get paid for, isn't it Mr Perks?

I would challenge one particular statement that he made. "Blaming kids has become a game we can all play". Substitute "teachers" for "kids" and I think he is near the mark.

Teachers want to get on with teaching - no one goes into that profession for the money. They are not in the habit of "blaming children".

The headteacher at my son's school was recently asked if the children ever frustrate her. Her answer was "No, never the children - but I'm afraid the parents sometimes do." And as parents we have a big responsibility to ensure that we send our children to school respecting all adults (yes, that's our job) and ready to listen, work and play in a co-operative way.

Effective education means partnership between home and school. So if Mr Perks is a parent, he should get on with his job and encourage other parents to do the same.


22 Orwell East Tilbury Essex

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