Teachers trained "on the job" in schools are more likely to stay in the profession

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* Teachers trained "on the job" in schools are more likely to stay in the profession, according to the National Primary Schools' Consortium.

Around 208 of 304 starters have completed its school-centred initial teacher training programme (SCITT) since 1998, and 96 per cent are still in the profession.

However, statistics released this week by the Government suggest SCITT-trained teachers are slightly less likely to go into service after training than the national average. Of the 860 completing SCITT or Open University training in 2000, a quarter were not in classrooms the following year, compared to 23 per cent for all students completing teacher-training in England that year.

Survey of Teacher Resignations and Recruitment 19856 - 2001, Employers' Organisationwww.lg-employers.gov.ukdocumentsesrutrr01main.pdfwww.gltr.ac.lt;NIPgt; uk Analysis, 20 Platform, 21

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Tes Editorial

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