Teaching alternatives

Your job and career questions answered

I am 46 and I teach a Year 2 primary class. Due to falling rolls I foresee that necessary staff changes next year will mean that I will be asked to move into a single key stage 2 class. I don't want to go. I would like to investigate other careers such as teaching English as a foreign language.

What are my prospects?

Teaching English is not teaching as you know it, something more like instruction. There are lots of courses, but ensure it leads to a reputable qualification. Ask about the pass rate. There are many reasons why people become tutors and the supply position means that pay levels on entry are often low. However, there is the satisfaction of working with adults who want to learn. Develop a list of contacts with employers who need tuition for foreign staff. This type of regular work can be better paid, but is not always available. Outside big cities or centres for language schools, you may struggle to find regular work. Check employment possibilities before moving.

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