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Teaching gets tough wage deal

Why is it that teachers both in schools and colleges are treated with such contempt when it comes to honouring a pay agreement?

The Government never tries such tactics with the police or fire services.

A pay agreement with them is agreed nationally and then applies to all staff.

There are no pay freezes and redundancies in the police. Why then in "education, education, education"?

The answer may be related to the equally shabby treatment of pensioners.

The elderly may be seen as a "soft touch" but is that what we expect from a civilised Government in a fair society?

The dirty job of withholding pay increases is passed on to headteachers and principals so that Government can carry on with the "not me Gov" masquerade.


GV Taylor, mathematics lecturer (retired)

3 Cowdray Drive


West Yorkshire. BD19 6HJ

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