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Teaching points

Drama is about giving young people a language with which to explore the world in which they live. They will be able to grapple and shape their experiences. First, it opens up the arts as a career. Second, I am sure any student wants to present him or herself as effectively as possible. They would know how to modify their behaviour and be able to sit at interview and be confident and creative.

Digital video generates enthusiasm for creating the best work. It develops self-confidence. It enables people to comment on themselves, to comment openly on each other with maturity and objectivity.

We lead by example. I would not expect a child to do anything that I would not do myself. Saying a piece of work is good is not enough - they have to deconstruct why it was good.

One of the nicest moments was when I wasn't sure how to get the sound through to the speakers.

A Year 7 student plugged it all through and said: "That's how you do it, miss". I really felt a sense of community. It is important that they get a chance to use the equipment. They have to feel ownership.

Out of the Drama slot we are making a film with students about the arts that are part of student's lives that are not part of the curriculum: hair-braiding, skateboarding, Afro-Caribbean street dancing, graffiti, bhangra drumming.

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