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Teaching tips

Ways to inspire young physicists

* Rather than stick to the syllabus, seek out extra-curricular activities, such as a trip to a university putting on special events.

* Look at careers and tell students about them. Keep up to date.

* Teach subject matter as it fits into careers and everyday life: for instance, tyre marks from accidents help explain mechanics for Year 12.

* Use interest in sports: use football to explain forces, friction, the magnus force and "bend it like Beckham".

* Get to know pupils and their interests. Get them to write a short CV so that if, say, they like music you can relate it to acoustics; or if they live on a farm you can use tractor gears and hydraulics.

* Be prepared to put in extra time - it's a big sacrifice but totally worth it.

* Enter competitions: building the team spirit helps learners to help each other. Even if our team hadn't won, they learned so much.

* Don't put anyone off entering. It's not just the bright kids. Everyone has something to offer.

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