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Technology - Technology rules

Only a small minority of primary schools are delivering technologies well, according to the HMIE report, Developing Successful Learners in the Technologies in Primary Schools.

The inspectorate defines best practice as where "children work collaboratively and develop creative and innovative ideas", they "confidently solve problems and make products designed to meet human needs" and are "involved in critical thinking, planning, reviewing and evaluating". Its recommendations to improve this, include:

- ensuring staff have shared expectations of processes for designing and making; designs are accurate and measured with precision; and products are made to the highest possible standard;

- increasing children's confidence and safe use of a wider range of tools, for example, hand drills and hacksaws, and food-related equipment and sewing machines, and mechanical devices such as motors and pulleys;

- improving children's graphic communication skills through, for example, digital cameras, MP4 images and computer-generated graphic designs; and

- giving children as they progress through school, tasks that do not become more teacher-led but provide them with greater opportunities for independence, collaborative working and additional responsibility.




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