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This week's picture helps explore some big issues via the universal appeal of football.


It is the semi-finals of the FA Cup this weekend and later in the summer there will be the World Cup finals in France. Football appeals increasingly to girls as well as boys. Why do so many people love football, old and young, rich and poor? Is it the excitement of battle in a peaceful setting (ironic, given the devastating background in this picture)? Is the gaining or defending of territory a fundamental human drive? Is it too commercial nowadays (high price for kit, match tickets)?Do you buy club regalia? Why?


The World Cup offers many opportunities. Where is Brazil(current world champions)? What do we know about life there? Find all the teams on a world map. The boy in the picture is from Bosnia. Where is it and why are they at war? (Bosnia has been part of Austria-Hungary and Yugoslavia over the past century.) Maths

(1) angles (use an elastic band stretched over two nails to show how the goalkeeper can narrow the angle for players shooting fromdifferent positions; (2) recalculatea league table, giving two pointsfor a win instead of three; does it change much?


Write (1) a football match report;(2) a story about the boy in thepicture - who is he? Why is he there? Is he in danger?

Ted Wragg is professor of educationat Exeter University

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