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Ted's teaching tips;The big picture

Christians have just celebrated Easter, but other religions have their festivals too and this picture offers an opportunity to reflect on another religion.


Find the Punjab, where Sikhism originated, on a map. What does "Sikh" mean (disciple - one who learns)? Guru Nanak is a very important figure in Sikhism. What is a guru (teacherleader)? Sikhism is sometimes known as "the great highway", a path to take Sikhs through their lives. What beliefs does your religion favour? If you have no religion, what beliefs values do you admire and support?


The term "guru" originates from the Hindi for "teacher", and before that the Sanskrit for "gravedignified". Which people sometimes get called "guru"? Fashion leaders? Political theorists? Great thinkers? Have you got a guru? Is your teacher a guru?

Religious art

What is usually shown in Christian or other religious paintings (prophets and religious leaders; angels and other similar figures; religious symbols like the cross)? What do you notice about Indian art (symbolic, colours, eye shape, clothing, "idealised" figures, often bearded)? Paint a picture in the style of an Indian painting.


Tell how you travel to another country and meet a child the same age as yourself. Describe what you talk about -customs, beliefs, way of life, entertainment, family, housing, climate, food.

Ted Wragg is professor of education at Exeter University

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